I qualified as a Dispensing Optician in 1972, but after working in practice for many years, decided to change direction. In 1996 I decided to study archaeology at Manchester University.

I soon realised, however, that it was the surveying side that really appealed. I have carried out geophysical, topographical and photographic surveys and was chief surveyor for the North Kharga Oasis Survey (NKOS), an independent project based on the Kharga Oasis in Egypt's Western Desert. This project is ongoing, but my role has ended, as the overall topographical survey and kite aerial photography work has been completed.
I have now retired, but still carry out the odd survey job for friends in the archaeology world.

I co-authored a paper with Philip Allsworth-Jones, of Sheffield University, on "Pre-Columbian Jamaica: The Sites In The Landscape" which was presented to the International Association of Caribbean Archaeology in 2011. This paper has finally been published. To view this as a PDF file click here.

As well as photography, my other interests include bird watching and walking (I am an ex Mountain Rescue team member and Search Dog handler -
that's me with Search Dog Pepper and the Novice Shield that she won when she still less than a year old!). Angela and I met while we were both members of Buxton Mountain Rescue Team. I used to climb when I was younger, but never really had enough talent so gave it up in favour of mountain walking. I also greatly enjoy canoeing - that's with a proper open (or Canadian) canoe. I did qualify as an instructor, but this lapsed while I was at university.

From 2013 to the middle of 2016, we photographically recorded the "Through the Roof" project at the National Trust's Attingham House near Shrewsbury. This was a £1.4 million project to erect a weather-proof roof over the early 1800s cast iron and glass roof constructed by John Nash over the picture gallery. When that work was completed, Attingham still found us projects to keep the cameras busy. We recorded the stables inside and out prior to major works there and also the Christmas decorations throughout the Mansion in 2013, 14 & 15. Originally, our work was to last for just two years, but we have finally finished after nearly 4 very enjoyable years.

Archaeology has filled the gap left after finishing at Attingham and we've been involved in a number of projects during 2016 & 17. 2018 has kicked off with us volunteering for the South West Peak Landscape Partnership, carrying out Barns, Buildings & Small Heritage Assets surveys, which should occupy as part-time for the next three years. There are also other projects in the pipeline.


I qualified as a physiotherapist in 1972 and moved to Buxton to study for a post-graduate certificate in hydrotherapy at the Devonshire Royal Hospital.

While still working as a physio - now as Head of Central Therapies in Mental Health for North Staffs - I have gained my BSc Hons in Earth Sciences with the Open University. I was assistant to Richard in the NKOS project.

Like Richard, I was a Mountain Rescue team member and formerly secretary of Buxton Mountain Rescue Team. My other interests include bird watching, crafting and geology.


We are both now retired, and enjoying every moment!